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Frequently Asked Questions

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1.Question: How much paint do I need to paint my room?

Answer: For interior wall paint, 10kgs can brush around 100-120㎡after brush twice.

2.Question: How many KG of powder can put in a 20’ ctnr?

Answer: We can use cartons for painting powder, and the buckets by separate, piled the buckets together for save space, it can fill in about 8600kgs powder and 860 buckets in a 20’ctnr.

3.Question: How long does it take for paint to dry in between coats?

Answer:The amount of time it takes for paint to dry would depend on a number of external factors such as room temperature and weather. In general, it can be said that the surface will be dry within 30-50 minutes. However, coatings fully cure in five (5) days regardless of type.

4.Question:Does HESHIDA® have odorless interior paint?

Answer: Our interior paints are environmental friendly and odor-less paints.

5.Question:Is there a proper order when painting interiors or a room?

Answer:When painting a room, it is recommended to start with the ceiling. Followed by walls, trims and fixtures. And finally, the floor as needed.

6.Question:Is there a proper order when painting exteriors?

Answer:Similar to painting interiors, when painting a structures facade, it is recommended to start at the highest point. Paint each side, one at a time. Finish off by painting the trim.

7.Question:What do I do with leftover paint?

Answer:If you have leftover paint or chemicals, they should never be dumped into drains or open bodies of water. You may donate them to charity.

8.Question:How can I be a dealer/distributor of HESHIDA® Paints?

Answer:For dealer/distributor related/business transactions, you may coordinate with us by sending us your complete name, address, contact details and request at wangyanzhao@hebeicopihue.com or shiner@hebeicopihue.com